Meredith Low Consulting

I am a strategy and governance consultant, focused on associations and other not-for-profit organizations.

This company has been operating since 2012, and my prior experience ranges from huge technology and financial services corporations to shoestring startup organizations to frontline social services delivery.

My goal is to apply my wide-ranging experience, judgement, and skills in partnership with mission-driven organizations wanting to achieve their potential. My services support organizational leaders in successfully navigating an increasingly challenging and unpredictable environment.

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We provide services to support associations and other not-for-profits with strategic and tactical planning, governance, and custom projects.


Strategic planning services for associations and other not-for-profit organizations. Forward-thinking, engaging, structured processes that lead to clarity and action

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A wide range of governance support and services are offered, oriented specifically to the particular needs of the not-for-profit sector. We can help you make governance a key enabler of your organization’s success and resilience.

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Custom Services

We offer a range of tailored consulting projects to support leaders with projects that require additional senior expertise, or an outside perspective.

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Contact us at or call 416-737-3935 to discuss how we might be able to help.


We offer resources to help leaders of associations and other not-for-profits think about their approach to strategy and governance, from various perspectives.