Custom Services

Senior leadership capacity is at a premium, and some projects require external help. Services are available to help you get projects moving, address significant situations, or simply get some advice. 

Your needs:

  • Ad hoc projects where you simply don’t have capacity internally right now
  • Advice at the senior level
  • Discussions (within one organization or among several) that will be more productive with an external facilitator

Services offered:

  • Interorganizational facilitation in areas such as joint ventures, merger exploration, shared services, etc.
  • Opportunity assessment, such as feasibility studies or needs assessments
  • Implementation support including developing reporting frameworks and tools, creating program roadmaps, and assessing organizational capabilities
  • Stakeholder consultation, including tailored research, facilitation of advisory groups, and other methods
  • Strategic conference assessment, to understand the objectives, business model, and impact of a conference or major event
  • Executive coaching and support, on an hourly or retainer basis, for confidential discussions
  • Others as requested

Contact us at or call 416-737-3935 to discuss how we might be able to help.


We offer resources to help leaders of associations and other not-for-profits think about their approach to strategy and governance, from various perspectives.