Whether you call it a conference, convention, meeting, expo, or trade show… are you taking it  for granted? Does it get the strategic attention it deserves? Are you protecting it from risk? Are you clear on what you want to achieve through it – and are you confident it’s living up to its potential?

It’s a volatile and challenging environment for conferences and other events – sponsors and exhibitors are under pressure to show ROI from their involvement, delegates or attendees demand a great experience, technological changes create unprecedented opportunities (along with complexity), and cost pressures continue to mount.

Our assessment takes a strategic look at your event, to help you position it to thrive in a dynamic future.

A full assessment may include:

  • Evaluation of the conference’s objectives – do they represent the real aims you have for the conference? Are you managing against them? Are they being measured?
  • Quantitative data analysis: attendance, financials, sales and marketing effectiveness, evaluations, presentation/abstract submissions, media and social media impressions, and any other available data. This often involves combining multiple sources of data to identify patterns and segments, going beyond routine or habitual reporting. This also identifies gaps in data collection and quality.
  • Environmental scan, including competitive intelligence on competing events and activities, research on best practices globally and across industries, and identification of potential partners for collaboration.
  • Delegate/attendee (loyal, sporadic, lapsed, potential…) research to uncover their needs, expectations, and alternatives – far deeper than the highly specific post-event evaluations you’ve probably done in the past.
  • Sponsor and exhibitor research to understand these critical relationships from their perspective.
  • Consultation with your knowledgeable personnel: staff, senior volunteers, and key suppliers/vendors.

The outcome is a comprehensive set of recommendations, including implementation and communications plans, which we can help you share with your stakeholder groups to create a shared understanding of the sustainable future of the event.

Why use us?

We aren’t affiliated with the event planning industry otherwise, so we can be completely objective. Our confidential approach helps you gain a clearer picture from your stakeholders, and we bring strategy, marketing and research expertise from across a number of industries to bear on your event.

We would be pleased to discuss your aspirations for your event and how we can help you realize its potential. Contact us at meredith@meredithlow.com to discuss how we might be able to help.