We take a strategic approach to strategic planning, to produce a strategic and tactical plan that:

  • Directly addresses key challenges and opportunities the organization faces.
  • Clearly articulates strategic choices the organization is making.
  • Positions the organization for successful implementation.

Strategic planning capabilities include:

  • Conducting member needs assessments, using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including interviews, focus groups, and surveys.
  • Consulting with stakeholders, including components (chapters, branches, districts/regions, specialties), sponsors, partners, suppliers, policymakers, regulators, funders, collaborators, and others, to get a sense of the organization within its ecosystem.
  • Scanning the environment, including review of competing organizations and services, relevant trends, and emerging issues.
  • Planning, preparing for, and facilitating Board meetings, to formulate strategies and arrive at robust, durable decisions.
  • Working with staff and Board to develop a tactical plan, including metrics, specific projects, and milestones to put the plan into action.
  • Creating communication plans to inform stakeholders of the strategic direction of the organization.

We can tailor our approach based on the specific needs and priorities of your organization, including timeline and budget, and would be happy to discuss options and ideas for your strategic planning. Contact us at meredith@meredithlow.com to discuss how we might be able to help.