Strategy is a set of interconnected choices we make about how to be successful in achieving our aims. We make these choices based on what we understand to be true, and what we believe to be possible. I can help you make better strategic choices and translate them into feasible, measurable plans that move your organization forward.

Your needs:

  • Regular strategic plan updates
  • Full overhaul of your approach to strategy and strategic planning
  • Making connections between high-level strategy and operational realities

Services offered:

Development of a fact base to understand both your context and your organization:

  • Primary research, including interviews, focus groups, and surveys with members, peer organizations, sponsors, funders, government, academia, and others
  • Secondary research and analysis, including your own information (on your members, your finances, your operations) as well as external sources
  • Strategic implications and questions

Strategy development

  • Skilled facilitation for important, insightful discussions and robust decision-making
  • In-person or virtual

Scenario planning, future visioning

  • Leading senior leadership through broad-based discussions of the multiple potential futures for your sector, and/or your organization

Tactical planning

  • Translating the high-level strategies to feasible, grounded tactics that connect to your operations directly

Plan check-in/refresh

  • Period assessments of the relevance of existing strategic and tactical plans

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We offer resources to help leaders of associations and other not-for-profits think about their approach to strategy and governance, from various perspectives.