Use Analytics to Shine a Light on Content Marketing Results – guest post

I was delighted when SmarterShift asked me to guest-blog for them, on the topic of applying analytics to the brave new world of marketing. Below a teaser, and a link to their site to read the whole post. 

With the breakthrough of digital marketing has come the ability to manage and manipulate data at unprecedented and ever-increasing levels of complexity.

And along with that ability has come the expectation that we can get the job done with the wave of a magic wand, producing reports and insights effortlessly and in real time.

Most of us know we’re not quite there yet. But the increased expectations are fair in many ways, and it’s the savvy marketer who puts in the time to master the new analytical environment.

It’s not about the platforms and software, the bells and whistles. Those come and go. Fundamentally, it’s about your approach. Here’s how you can leverage analytics for real strategic success. Read more…

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