Managing through the marketing sea change

This week I was delighted to guest-post on the Greenfield Services blog. Here’s a sample of it:

Marketing is undergoing a radical shift, from qualitative to quantitative. The characters from Mad Men would be completely befuddled in a modern marketing department, and not just because of the computers, but because the fundamental approach to marketing has changed.

Associations are facing the same fundamental shift in membership marketing and engagement, but on a different timeline. Because many associations are addressing relatively constrained markets within specific industries or professional designations, they’ve been relatively insulated from the speed of change in the marketing world.

This may turn out to be an advantage, since associations then have more time to see the changes coming and adapt intelligently. However, this change is so radical, this still means a rapid and possibly difficult transition.

So, how can we be effective in managing membership marketing and engagement in this new context?

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